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Panama Pizzeria Italian Restaurant Dinner Specials!

It's Fri-Yay ! Come check out what Chef Joe has prepared. To start he has a

Screaming Shrimp Appetizer. Shrimp and jalapeno poppers over a mango chutney. For Dinner you have a choice of two pan fried duck breasts topped with a mango marmalade over a tropical rice with bacon brussel sprouts. Or, a Black and Blue Porterhouse over cheesy grits and a vegetable medley. Mandy's featured Martini tonight is called a "Paradise" martini. The whole gang can't wait to see you!🍻🦀🦐🍸 #panamacitybeach #panamacitybeachpizza #panamacitybeachitalianrestaurant #panamapizzeria

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This is one of my favorite places and the bartender Justin is the best!

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