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MARDI GRAS and National Margarita Day at Panama Pizzeria

MARDI GRAS and National Margarita Day on the same day??? Say whaaat?? Chef Fransisco has a delicious Pork Chop with a red wine and pepper sauce, served with rosemary red potatoes. And, have you ever had one of Mandy's fresh squeezed, homemade Margaritas?? It's one of the BEST, if not the Best on the beach. Mandy's also stirring up a Hurricane drink for Mardi Gras. So, grab your beads and bring your fancy dressed selves down to the P.P. tonight. Bring Mandy some beads and get a free shot 🎭🎉🃏 #panamapizzeria #panamacitybeachpizzadelivery #pizza #panamacitybeach #panamacitybeachpizza #panamacitybeachitalianrestaurant

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